To celebrate their new on-line arts and culture magazine ‘Vibe Press’, Vibe Gallery are collaborating with TRANSITION COLLECTIVE to bring you ‘Stimuli’ – art to excite the senses and sensory deprivation hallucinations.The unity of separate entities through sensation real or imagined, and the manipulation of perception and memory.

The impetus – to exist, to explore, to consume, to play, to transform, to destroy, to nurture, to disorientate. Strange new worlds, the detachment and revelation created inside a void.

A pared back exploration of emotional and emotionless life and the formation and storage of memories. Fear conditioning, sensory stimuli reaching out to associate.

The collective take on alien siphonophoric flesh and internal light. Each art zooid is an individual, but their integration attains the character of a larger organism. Reach in. Feel the sting.

Stimulate to unite to excite to fight to remember.

Join the event page here.


Featured artists:

Aurelie Dellasanta – interactive installation
Dima Mabsout and Kuba Korytowski – light/sound performance/installation
Elizabeth Sandford Richardson and Felix Weldon – music and light symmetry performance
Harumi Foster – sculpture
Jessica and Martha Kilpatrick – light/sound installation
Joseph Begley – sculpture
Katy Wallwork – sculpture
Louise Seijen ten Hoorn – sculpture, lightbox
Megan Skill – sculpture
Miguel Ivorra – sculpture
Nerida Ackland – sculpture, living sculpture
Oscar Arancibia – paintings
Red Pig Flower – paintings, video
Ryan Dunn – sculpture
Tee Byford – collage
Ting-an Lin – painting, VJing
Vinny Montag – sculpture

Vibe Press launch party from 7pm on 26th April.

Exhibition opens 27th April to 3rd May.

Vibe Gallery, 100 Clements Road, SE16 4DG. Vibe Gallery is located in the old Biscuit Factory. 5 minutes from Bermondsey tube, go right on the main road, and turn right into Drummond Road. Turn right at Clements Road. Walk through the big central gates to the back, turn left down the alleyway – the gallery is next door to the cafe and reception. Vibe Gallery will have a fully licensed bar.

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