Aephie Huimi (voice art, fashion design)

Andros O Morto (sound art, film installation)

Andrea Rossi (painting)

Anna Jung Seo (painting)

Apple Tart (performance art)

Artby Jarvis (performance, painting)

Atta We! (performance collaboration: voice/drum/reaction)

Aurelie Dellasanta (interactive installations, mixed media, sculpture, jewellery)

Aurum of London (jewellery collective)

Aven Zirself (painting, tattoos, music/sound art)

Benedict Romain (sculpture/installation)

Bruno Jamaica (installation/site specific art, sculpture)

Bunni Splanchnik (DJ)

Caitlin Mavroleon (curator)

Carolina Maggio (painting, performance art)

Celia Arias (mixed media sculpture/installation/fashion)

Chanyanuch Honsongtham (mixed media sculpture/installation)

Crypsis (conceptual props)

Dan Hillier (altered engravings, screen-prints, drawings, paintings)

Dima Mabsout and Kuba Korytowski (light/sound performance/installation)

Elizabeth Sandford Richardson (holograms, explorations in light, sound and movement)

Elsa Seignol (photography)

Emma Watkinson (visionary paintings)

The Imaginary Beings

International Nobody (print-making, doll-making)

Introverts (music)

Ivo Cambraia (photography, film)

Jack Gobsmob (print-making)

Jessica Kilpatrick (drawing, photography, sound, video)

Joseph Begley (sculpture)

Juliette Fang (photography, mixed media)

Kasia Piechocka (jewellery, drawing)

Kathryn Beale (fund-raising, puppets)

Katy Wallwork (sculpture)

Harumi Foster (sculpture)

Lee Pitman (mixed media, graphic design)

Louise Seijen ten Hoorn (wax and latex sculpture, installation, photography)

Lyndsay Martin (photography, installation)

Mark Bean (Trispace Director)

Maria Almena (performance, video, sculpture, installation)

Megan Skill (sculpture, drawing, painting, mixed media)

Miguel Ivorra (multi-disciplinary)

Nerida Ackland (mixed media sculpture, installation)

Oscar Arancibia (painting, animation)

Patrick Collier (print-making)

Planetman (musician, promoter)

Red Pig Flower (performance art, video, DJ)

Renata Fernandez (sculpture, mixed media)

Riakatrina Clifford Pryke (reaction drawing)

RPG Ubiquitous Anonymous (found art, sculpture)

Ryan Dunn  (critical design, collage, mixed-media)

Simon Tarrant (painting, curating, events)

Squid (illustration, animation,mask making, zines, performance art)

The Hate Vote (music, sound and video art)

Tee Byford (collage)

Terry Dynes (pluralist)

Ting An Lin (painting, drawing, graphic design, DJ, VJ)

Under Konstruktion (DJ)

Valentina Piras (photography, sculpture)

Vanja Karas (photography)

Vasilisa Forbes (photography, mixed media, music)

Vinny Montag (sculpture, installation)

Waterbaby (music, video)

XXXora (performace art, painting, digital collage)

Yvette Blackwood (curating, painting)

Yuki Kobayashi (performane art, sculpture, installation)

Wei Lou (sound art)

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