Winter_Pride_2014_logo.5.1Baby, it’s cold outside… Get ready for Winter Pride UK on 8 February 2014!

Hidden in an underground maze of Victorian warehouse vaults in east London lies a winter paradise. Step over the cobblestones of London’s Tobacco Docks, and be transported back in time to a forbidden Victorian marketplace and funfair, full of tattoos, fire, art and music for one night only.

TRANSITION COLLECTIVE have been invited to participate in London’s first ever Winter Pride! The TC artists will create a large scale installation at the heart of this awe inspiring venue, explore an affront to Narnia.The flipside of a contained delusion of dubious intent. The roles we play with each and every day, the grey area between fiction and reality. The elements, colours, shapes and sounds we choose to heighten and express our inner child, our inner goddess, our inner king, our inner queen, our inner beast. The fantasy made real, to the max. Who are you? Why do you do what you do? How are you writing the story of your life? What are the mythologies from your past that shape you today, what do you bury, what do you honour, what do you warp into wondrous disguises? What twists and turns you underground, overground, through secret passages and ejector seats. One door closes another opens. Mirror mirror on the wall…

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Featured TC artists: Ariella Abramowski | Aurelie Dellasanta | Elizabeth Sandford Richardson | Louise Seijen ten Hoorn | Miguel Ivorra | Red Pig Flower | Ting-an Lin

Also look out for our night market gallery shop hidden in the vaults, with sounds and visuals by DJ Red Pig Flower and VJ Ting-an Lin. Your chance to buy some original artworks to commemorate this historic night of creative celebration.

For more information and tickets join the face book page here and check out the Winter Pride UK website. Go to the Winter Pride blog for amazing interviews with the featured artists.

Transition artist Benedict Romain will be leading a 6 part life drawing salon, at The Betjeman Arms, St Pancras International. Starts 2nd October.

Enhance your drawing technique, learn inspiring new tips and receive informative guidance in thoughtfully structured classes led by a talented working artist and teacher. All while having a relaxing drink within one of London’s most stunning examples of grade 1 listed Victorian architecture. Click here  for further info.

life drawing nude

Open to the public between the 7th – 13th of June 2012, Aurum of London will host a Pop-Up Shop in the heart of Covent Garden. In line with London Jewellery Week, the event will showcase Aurum’s five emerging jewellers as well as select London based designers and artists in collaboration.“Celebrating the hand made by tempering modern concepts with traditional techniques”The Pop-Up space itself will be physically representative of this bridge between the old and the new. East London companyImperial & Standard have agreed to furnish the entire space with their bespoke repurposed vintage and antique furniture.Come and join us for the opening evening on the 7th of June to catch a live performance of original composition by contemporary violist, Tim Gill, while browsing new and never before seen collections from the Aurum of London designers. For those looking for a stylish alternative to presents, beautifully illustrated Gift Cards courtesy of artist Ros Mundie will also be available.

Created in association with Yvette Blackwood of Transition Collective. Special thanks to I-Am-Beyond and ThreePipe for co-ordinating our PR and making this event possible.


A 4 hour live drawing by the infamous Jack Gobsmob and International Nobody. Event kicks off at 6pm @ Seven at Brixton this Friday 17th February 2012. Seven are relaunching their exhibition space, so there are sure to be plenty of other treats in store…

'Guernica With Meatballs' by Jack Gobsmob + International Nobody (drawn live at Con:FRONT 2012 @ Vibe Gallery)

Jack Gobsmob

Jack Gobsmob is from London and likes punk music, low-brow art and comic books. He screen prints posters and flyers for gigs, slogans, and things that he has made. Jack bakes nice cakes, plays guitar in legendary south-east London punk band ‘Mummy Says I’m Special’ and helps out at Screaming Matriarch – an online art store specialising in vinyl and knitted dolls. If you meet Jack be sure not to look him directly in the face, he takes this as a sign of disrespect and can become violent. Always show deference.

International Nobody

International Nobody attempts to make pretty pictures for walls, ceilings and
skateboards often, without much luck but sometimes they turn out alright and people think about buying them.

East London based screen-printer and illustrator, International Nobody, creates vibrant and bold imagery in a style that the artist describes as ‘low-brow’, ‘subversive’ and ‘infantile’. Having completed 4 years of art school, International Nobody’s creative career began in the vinyl toy industry as a designer/maker after rejecting (and being rejected by) the fine art world.

Comic book monsters, femme fatales, apocalyptic angels and creatures that attract and repulse frequently appear in International Nobody’s work. Think separated, stylized and ‘street’.

Influences include: everyday occurrences in the inner city, gothic fairytales, freaks, circus & carney show culture, racy art nouveau, lucha libre, punk rock, hippity hop, Halloween, retro film posters, comic book universes, J-horror, amateur pornography, and the kind of British-ness one would find in the Carry-On movies of the 60’s and 70’s.

For more information on TRANSITION COLLECTIVE check us out at

Seven at Brixton, 7 Market Row, just off Electric Lane, SW9 8LB

TRANSITION COLLECTIVE present a new installation by Patrick Collier and Lee Pitman in one of five exhibition rooms @ SEVEN at Brixton. Opening 6pm, 5th Jan

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“A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from the mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.” Joseph Campbell in his seminal work The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949)

Patrick Collier and Lee Pitman share a fascination with modern and classical mythologies. This collaborative installation explores the hero myth. Universal motifs of adventure and transformation are employed in a multi-faceted visual homage to Campbell’s concept of the ‘monomyth’, which has served as a cultural framework for countless contemporary narratives.

The intricately laser cut imagery of the sculptural rings are inspired by the Book of Revelations and the opening of the Seven Seals, bringing forth the Horsemen of Conquest, War, Famine, Death before the final end of the world.

Screen printed illustrations evoke the narrative of the hero’s adventure, depicting the archetypal characters and their gifts, knowledge and tests to be encountered along the way: the wise old man, the goddess, the trickster, herald and villain. Above looms the belly of the whale – an unknown void that threatens to swallow the hero but ultimately represents a sphere of rebirth.


take over VIBE GALLERY!!!

Private view: 6pm Friday 6th January 2012

Join us at the private view for a night of explosive colour performance and twisted sound journeys. 10 glorious days of art to kick us into 2012.

Opening from 10am Saturday 7th January 2012 until 10pm Tuesday 17 January 2012

In the cold light of January themes of Confrontation and Transition are strong in all our hearts and heads. Transition Collective confront you with their myriad interpretations.


Image created by Vasilisa Forbes

raw ► bite ► face ► chase ► take it ► own it ► bring it ► lose it ► wallow ► dwell ► analyse ► move on ► forgive ► hunt ► linger ► grab ► jump ► showdown ► dare ► test ► leap ► full force ► explode ► phoenix ► hurt ► heal ► punch ► smother ► honour ► rule ► reach in ► feel ► move forward ► arrive ► grip ► elevate ► celebrate ► conquer ► shock ► impact ► confront ► transition ► raw ► bite ► face ► chase ► take it ► own it ► bring it ► lose it ► wallow ► dwell ► analyse ► move on ► forgive ► hunt ► linger ► grab ► jump ► showdown ► dare ► test ► leap ► full force ► explode ► phoenix ► hurt ► heal ► punch ► smother ► honour ► rule ► reach in ► feel ► move forward ► arrive ► grip ► elevate ► celebrate ► conquer ► shock ► impact ► confront ► transition ►►►►►

Participating artists:

► Aephie Huimi
► Andrea Rossi
► Anna Jung Seo
► Benedict Romain
► Bruno Jamaica
► Celia Arias
► International Nobody
► Jack Gobsmob
► Jessica Kilpatrick
► Lyndsay Martin
► Maria Almena
► Miguel Ivorra
► Valentina Piras
► Vasilisa Forbes
► Wei Lou

Vibe Gallery is located in the old Biscuit Factory. 5 minutes from Bermondsey tube, go right on the main road, and turn right into Drummond Road. Turn right at Clements Road. Walk through the big central gates to the back, turn left down the alleyway – the gallery is next door to the cafe and reception. Vibe Gallery will have a fully licensed bar.

Vibe Gallery
100 Clements Road
N 001 Tower Bridge Business Complex
SE16 4DG

Transition Collective present a new installation by Benedict Romain in one of five exhibition rooms @ SEVEN at Brixton 9th December – 6th January.

Benedict Romain employs classically stylised sculpture in bold contrasting contexts to create platforms for debate.

Untitled (Grampi)
Plaster, brush, canvas, emulsion

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‘Grampi’ is a moving investigation into the politics of drawing. It raises questions of the importance of each role in the process, here the drawing tool is as significant as the final canvas, and one is faced with the performative action of drawing itself.

The sculpted head holds great personal weight for the artist as a memento-mori; a portrait of his grandfather (also an artist), modeled from life just weeks before his death. The portrait remains face down on the ground, the drawing elevated onto the wall with Kant-esque reference to art history.

The object becomes both portrait and tool. The sculpted plaster bust tapers into a cone shaped ‘body’. Propped in its mouth is a paintbrush which has been dipped in thick, black ink. With each rotation the head spins, repeatedly marking the canvas. The canvas immortalizes the ephemeral drawing action. A hypnotic and powerful circle, the life cycle of the object, a history of its repetitive clockwork, alluding to our own transience. The third element is a film documenting the action from above giving the ticking of the ‘grandfather clock’.

Benedict Romain

Transition Collective!TransitionCltv

Transition Collective present a site specific art installation by Bruno Jamaica in one of five exhibition rooms @ SEVEN at Brixton, 4th November – 4th December.

Bruno Jamaica: Seven Islands

The Artist/Installation
Our featured artist Bruno Jamaica works predominantly with high impact installation art, focussing on socio-political themes. For the launch of SEVEN’s exhibition space, he has chosen to create seven suspended islands in celebration of what it is be human. These are islands of necessities, desires and motivations, exploring the concept of the city, travel, interaction and the individual.

Transition Collective
This is a time of transition.

The Venue
Located within Brixton Market, SEVEN at Brixton is a new bar in an old suitcase store. What makes SEVEN unique is that London-based Liam Brown and Jonny Rushton have maintained the distressed 1930′s features and are turning over the upstairs rooms of the bar to local artists to curate their own space.

Find us @ Unit 7, Market Row, SW9 8LB – just off Electric Lane, off Coldharbour Lane.

Photography by Lee Pitman

Transition Collective (formerly TheUnconsciousCollective) is a rapidly expanding family of experimentation, collaboration and innovation. Created in November 2011 by artist/curator Yvette Blackwood, the collective have already generated a good voice and a strong energy, encouraging interaction across a broad range of artistic practices by emerging artists whose work is thought provoking, both visually and/or conceptually.

For more information please contact Yvette via

We want to hear from: artists • musicians • performers • artwork installers • curators • venues/locations • lighting designers • art fund-raisers • web designers • supporters

Transition Collective = sound art • photography • sculpture • painting • print-making • installation • design • performance • film • collage • drawing • jewellery • doll-making • pottery/ ceramics • tattoos • conceptual art • interactive art • music • site specific art • textiles • dance • wall art • creativity • collaboration • promotion • discussion • shared experience