TRANSITION COLLECTIVE is a rapidly expanding family of experimentation, collaboration and innovation. Created in November 2011 by artist/curator Yvette Blackwood, the collective have generated a good voice and a strong energy, encouraging interaction from emerging artists whose work is thought provoking, both visually and conceptually. The collective is not tied to an organisation, doctrine or specific location. This gives free form scope for new artists to participate, keeping the artistic journey fresh. Core concepts are created for each exhibition as a lynch pin inspiration for the project – the artists are invited to openly respond, leading to a rich texture of interpretation in a wide variety of practices.
TRANSITION COLLECTIVE = sound art | photography | sculpture | painting | print-making | installation | design | performance art | film | collage | drawing | jewellery | flash | street art | conceptual art | interactive art | music | site specific art | textiles | dance | …
For more information please contact us via the links below. .

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