Action & Power Gallery – A truly independent not for profit space based in London. Action & Power is an exchange of ideas leading to collaborative artwork from a diverse variety of upcoming young artists in a in a non-competitive environment.

AURUM of London – A collective of five new designers united by the desire to create narrative & process driven jewellery.

Kimatica -An experimental, expressive, progressive visual media project. based in London and Madrid.

Screaming Matriarch – A collective of rejects and down-on-their-luck creative types just trying to find a way and taking a crowbar to that niche. Screaming Matriarch was set up to deliver artwork straight to you minus the ‘Middle Man’.

The Late Night Shop – A  side splitting, crotch sniffing, out right filthy, four-headed Circus Cerberus.

Vibe Gallery – An alternative art venue standing for vibrancy, innovation, playfulness and empowerment through a broad range of exhibitions, events and workshops in an open-minded and relaxed environment, located in the heart of Bermondsey.



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