Thank you for your interest, but Transition Collective is not accepting any further membership applications at this time.

Membership includes the following:

  • Opportunities for artistic exchanges of ideas and practices and collaborative projects.
  • The chance to meet, work and collaborate with an incredible, eclectic, carefully selected, motivated, passionate, inspiring collective of artists!
  • One to one meetings for solo shows, meetings/socials with the group as a whole or specific exhibition/focus groups. Dates and locations to be arranged in line with projects and artist availability.
  • Email updates keeping you informed of upcoming events and opportunities.
  • A broad range of exhibition opportunities researched on your behalf and selected with the collective in mind, with a guarantee that you will appear in at least one group show per year. You are welcome to submit your own concepts and locations for shows.
  • The chance to apply to venues/galleries/spaces as part of a group and therefore have more creative influence over the style of exhibitions available to you.
  • A platform for offshoot collaborative projects.
  • Promotion of your work via various websites, social networking sites, mailing lists.
  • Practical support for the installation of artworks.
  • Assistance with display construction (additional costs may be incurred).
  • Consultations for individual art projects (additional costs may be incurred).
  • Assistance with location hunting.
  • Assistance with proposal writing.
  • References on request for your individual projects/career development.
  • Editing/consultation for your artists’ statements.

Membership fees:

 £60 annual fee (or £5 per month) for all visual artists, plus a 10% sales fee for any sales gained as a direct result of collective exhibitions or promotions.

Please note that the annual fee will be non-refundable should you wish to leave the collective for any reason. Departure from the collective is defined by your removal from the artist mailing list.

Any additional fees charged for entry into specific exhibitions to be split accordingly amongst participating artists.

Sound artists, performance artists, musicians, DJs, film makers will not be automatically expected to pay the monthly donation but 10% will be taken from any ticket sales, and there is an annual membership of just £10. Similarly those collective members who participate purely to document exhibitions, assist us with transportation, promotion or installation and any structural or display works will not be expected to contribute. However, all are most welcome to contribute should they want to.

The money will be put into a collective pot via Paypal under the care of Yvette Blackwood (TRANSITION COLLECTIVE Curator) to be used for TRANSITION COLLECTIVE exhibition materials, promotions, hire fees, transportation and any other necessaries for the development of the collective.

The monthly donation will be expected on the 2nd of each month. If any of you cannot afford the monthly contribution, then please give what you can. Of course, if any of you would like to donate more, then please do!

There is also the option for guest artists to pay a one off £5 exhibition entry fee as an alternative to joining the collective on a long term basis. Guest artists will not have access to the main fund or be added to the collective mailing list.

To apply send images/artist statement to

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